Cassie Holt and The Lost Souls originally formed in 2013.

Front woman Cassie Holt is a Dallas native who has been singing/songwriting for more than a decade.  She started playing open mics in high school, spent many years writing and singing hooks for local hip hop artists, and most recently grew her sound with an amazingly talented group of musicians.  Together they create an atmosphere that is unmatched.  The chemistry on stage between them is evident and it overflows to the audience. Holt’s sultry vocals fill the room and warm your insides. Her powerful belts grab your attention as the bands incredibly tight performance keeps it.  Each member comes from a different style background, adding variety and uniqueness to their sound.  Holt’s lyrics have a mature rawness to them that so much modern music lacks, touching on everything from domestic violence to heartbreak.  The groups almost comical banter is sometimes turned into impromptu songs on stage.  The group has grown together over the last year and hopes to soon reach every household here, and ultimately over seas.  Cassie Holt and the Lost Souls have had performances on live television and they have performed at an array of venues including the Dallas Museum of Art, Fair Park in Dallas, the Dallas Arts District's Annual Fall Block Party, and the Dallas Whiskey Festival...and they continue to entertain regularly at a number of various clubs, festivals, weddings, and events.